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Ephemeral Rewards
The Mortality Machine

What is an "Ephemeral Reward"?

Ephemeral means "lasting for a short time" but it also is a double entendre: our Ephemeral Rewards relate to the ephemera of The Mortality Machine... the papers, images, and media that will fill the space and help convey the story. We offer Ephemeral Rewards to supporters who back a specific element of the show.

For example, if we want to generate $500 for rehearsal space, we'd offer ten Ephemeral Rewards. Your support would go directly to paying for the rehearsal space.  This lets you know exactly what aspect of the show you're supporting, and we'll keep you updated on social media so you can see the impact you made.

But what do *we* get?

Ephemeral Rewards allow you to make *design decisions* about parts of the Mortality Machine. For example you might get to name some of the characters, or pick the music that plays on the radio. You can put your own creative mark on this production... our way of making this your production, as well as ours.

So we can make any design decision we want?

Within reason. For example, we'll let you name a character, but we're not going to let you name someone "Aloysius McQuackerson." 

How do I back an Ephemeral Reward?

Through our Kickstarter. There's three ways to do it.

  • If you haven't backed the project yet, just select the "Ephemeral Reward" option.  We'll also give you the "Out-of-Town support" if you do.

  • If you've backed the project already with less than $50 of support, click on "Manage your Pledge" and select the "Ephemeral Reward" option. You'll still get your previous rewards, in addition the Ephemeral Reward.

  • If you've purchased tickets, you can increase your pledge by $50, and email us at to receive your reward. 

How will we track it?

Since the Ephemeral Rewards change, and are offered in limited qualities, you still give your support on the Kickstarter Page.  However, you can track it here, and if you have any questions, email us at

Reward #1 - 

What's in a name?

The Need

We want to add another performer, bringing our cast from eight to nine people. This will cost about $1,000... and we're looking to split the cost.

Your support

Ten donations will let us hire another actor for The Mortality Machine.

Your reward

The performers will be playing characters... and every character needs a name. You can select the name for each of these characters. You can make something up, or even name the character in honor of someone. There's only one rule: we can't name a character after a living person.


We're accepting 10 backers for this reward:

  1. Lost Colonies Larp

  2. Mihir Kedia








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