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Original Cast
Johnny Balogh - Daan Bootsma
Bootsma, Daan.jpg
The Barrister - Isaac Conner
Conner, Isaac_edited.png
Elizabeth  Friend - Julia Jurgilewicz
Jurgilewicz, Julia.jpeg
Omi Johnson - Liz Law
Law, Elizabeth.jpg
The Reporter - Rita McCann
McCann, Rita.jpg
The Psychopomp - Kelsey Rondeau
Rondeau, Kelsey_edited.jpg
Sam Travers - Jessy Smith
Smith, Jessy.jpg
The Partici-"Plant" - Jennifer Suter
Suter, Jennifer.jpg
The Homeless Man - Rafael Svarin
Svarin, Rafael.png
Swing - Allegra Durante

Allegra is a multidisciplinary creative-type who got her start in childhood dance recitals and middle-school theatre productions in her hometown of New York City. She was seduced by the magical world of opera while in her mid-teens, when attending one made her realize how that kind of spectacle can help bring people together while combining many art forms that she loves. She has trained with numerous musical, acting, and dance programs in NYC, and performed extensively in the Tri-State Area as well as abroad in Germany and Italy. In the operatic and operetta repertoire she's been heard as Olympia (Les Contes d’Hoffmann), Echo (Echo et Narcisse), Morgana (Alcina), Papagena (Die Zauberflöte), Casilda (The Gondoliers), Josephine (HMS Pinafore), and Sally (Die Fledermaus), among other roles. She has previously worked with Sinking Ship Creations as a Facilitator in "Escape From Marseilles." Allegra believes the true magic of theatre is in its ability make people feel connected to each other, so immersive theatre is something she's delighted to say "yes, and," to. She's excited and grateful to be returning to her spoken-theatre roots for The Mortality Machine.

Swing - Linsday Wolgel
Lindsay Wolgel Headshot_edited.jpg

Lindsay is a singer, actor, dancer and teaching artist based in NYC.  But aside from that, she is a Larper and Edu-larp (that means Educational Larp) enthusiast.  She truly believes this way of stepping into someone else’s shoes through role-play has the power to change lives. In fact, she’ll be traveling to Denmark for Knudepunkt, the International Nordic Larp Conference, along with Ryan this February!  You may have interacted with her at Sinking Ship’s previous production, Escape from Marseille, as The Informant.  Other credits have taken place at The Flea Theater, Ars Nova Uncharted, Joe’s Pub, Judson Church, and more!  She’s so very grateful to be a part of The Mortality Machine.

Words - Ryan Hart

Ryan would claim to be a tinker, a tailor, a soldier, and a spy, but in truth he couldn’t hem a pair of pants. He developed his interest in storytelling as a cadet at the United States Air Force Academy, where he discovered theatre as part of the Academy’s Bluebard’s Theater Troupe. His live-action career has taken him from California to New York, producing over two dozen events in four states, as well as running events for hundreds (and one time, thousands) of people. Outside of live-action roleplay, Ryan is a pilot with over 1,500 hours over Iraq and Afghanistan, and a member of the Board of Trustees of both the Barrow Group and the Falcon Theater Program. He also has a teenage daughter who wants to be a writer one day, or so her instagram says.  

Dance - Lara Marcin

Lara’s heart is easily captured by unabashed grooves. From dancing to the musical sounds of a toilet flush as an infant, Lara has been moved to take dance with her wherever she goes. Lara’s choreography experience includes tour choreography for The Chainsmokers and Zhu, fashion choreography for Zhu’s Nightday Collection, music video choreography in a variety of genres, and artistic direction for the LA-based experimental performing arts company, Sokamba. Lara complements her dance pursuits with live production, producing or working as a production assistant for shows, festivals, and concerts. When work is on pause, Lara can be found in nature or having lengthy conversations with loved ones (or strangers).

Design - Tommy Honton
Production Design - Orli Nativ

Orli Nativ is a theatrical designer, artisan and mixed-media artist. Passionate about the exploration of stories and interdisciplinary approaches to art-making, her pursuit of costume as wearable story has given her an expansive, exploratory design approach leading to wider ranging projects: from puppets and found-object sculpture to opera, theatre, dance and even the creation of costumes in live flowers. Selected New York credits include: “Cut Throat” (Abingdon Theatre Company), "Cool Hand Luke" and "Deliverance" (Godlight Theatre Company), "The Chocolate Show!" (Off B'way), “The Trial of Typhoid Mary” (Live in Theater), and “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” (Piper Theatre). Orli is partner in Extra Dimensional Studios, which focuses on providing bespoke, detail-oriented design services for people, events, decor, products and spaces. Everything from 3D printing to custom millinery, concept creation to project management. IG:@orlidesign

Scenic Design - Wildrence

For the storytellers of the world, Wildrence is the premier experiential space and consulting studio that gives both creators and audiences one of a kind, end-to-end experiences. Designing with layers of adventure, storytelling, and sensory engagement, we seek to build an inspiring world.


Yvonne Chang and Jae Lee studied Architecture at Cornell before moving to NYC. After working a few years at different architecture firms, their passion to make small scale accessible design drove them to take the leap into entrepreneurship. Since then, they have been developing various projects that showcase their abilities in transforming how one experiences interactive design. Wildrence was founded not only to create, but inspire people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone.

Team Members

Daniel Tan - Executive Producer

Jason Knox - Exceutive Producer

Sergey Kasich - Technical Director

Alex Young - Fabrication

Terry Guldimann - Fabrication Assistant

Weston Harper - Physical Computing

Bret Lehne - Carpenter

Emily Owens PR - Press Agent

Jenny Tibbels - Marketing

Sergey Kasich, Kevin Kim, Yo-Yo Lin - Technicians

Videography: Banana Chan

Documentarian: Emily Kaye, Anna White

Photography: Zach Filkoff, Liz Paulie

Credits: Ryan Duff

Visual Design: Allegra Durante, Taran Lopez

Original Music: Terra Warman

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