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Welcome!  You’re about to participate in Sinking Ship Creations’ The Mortality Machine. This is an experience that emphasizes your individual agency and offers you the opportunity to create a story in an immersive environment. This can be a transformative experience, but there’s also some risk involved.


In order to reduce this risk, we have a guiding principle:


The safety of our performers and participants is more important than the experience itself.


As part of this, we’ll be giving you a five-minute safety brief were we’ll introduce three rules to follow, and three tools for you to use.  We’ll go over this again when you arrive, but we wanted you to have them early:


The Three Rules

  • No aggressive touching (we’ll go over what this means, but it includes no groping)

  • Don’t break anything (nothing in this experience requires brute force)

  • No violence (or simulated violence) of any sort


The Three Tools

  • Hands Up: We’ll show you a gesture that means “please do not touch me.”

  • Look-Down: We’ll show you a gesture to use if you need a break or to leave early.

  • Orange Tape: We’ve marked “do not touch” objects and areas with orange tape.


In addition, there’s a few things we wanted to tell you before you arrive.

Due to the amount of agency we give you to influence the story, we will not allow anyone visibly inebriated to participate. Also, please understand that if someone else feels unsafe around you due to your behavior, we will ask you to leave. Finally, please help us by setting a high standard of cooperation for the event… we’re all here to tell a story, and no one wants us to have to pause the story due to disruptions.


On accessibility: people have different levels of ability, and that includes physical limitations such as mobility and vision. If you have any mobility or vision impediments, please contact us at so we can explain our accommodations.

Finally, a note on immersion. Unlike other experiences, your presence is part of The Mortality Machine. You will be given a role and asked to play a character. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to play a part, as long as you remain “in role.” You can be quiet, you can be loud, you can try to unravel every mystery, or you can watch it unfold. But for the sake of the other participants, we ask that you don’t “break character” during the experience, unless you have an issue related to safety or accessibility.

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