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How to Enjoy The Mortality Machine

This is a live-action roleplay experience. We’ve found people who can establish an emotional connection to the other characters tend to enjoy the experience.

Connect to other people.

If you’re trying to figure out “what happened” you already know most of the details from the newspaper articles we sent out. Remember, you’re playing people who are still grieving for their lost loved ones. We recommend you seek closure, trying to find an emotional resolution for your character.

This is not a mystery.

There’s lots of different puzzles in the experience, but it’s not an escape room. Instead, we put in obstacles to spread out the flow of information. We recommend you use these obstacles as a chance to explore the setting, and look at the emotional context in which they’re placed. For example, if there’s a photograph with a “clue” in it, what you see in the photo is as important to the story as it is to whatever puzzle you might want to solve.

Don't solve, explore.

We designed this experience to give your characters a common problem, and let them make decisions based on that situation. If you take time reflect on those decisions, they’ll be more impactful.

Take your time, at least in the beginning.

The initial premise is “what happened in the lab five years ago,” but you’ll quickly find that there are other things going on. Respond to those changes, as they happen, and ask “what would my character do now.

Remember, the situation is dynamic.
Take risks.

It’s a perfectly valid choice to say “my character wouldn’t do that,” and we have multiple opportunities for you in the experience. However, not everything will come to you.  We recommend you explore the entire space and take risks.

If you ask a performer for a concrete answer, you might be disappointed, especially early on. However, if you engage them as people, then you’ll find they have a lot of context to provide. Have a conversation; they’re there to help you feel comfortable playing your character.

Talk to the performers.
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