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Welcome to The Mortality Machine

First, if you read nothing else, remember this: we open the house at 6:45 at 59 Canal Street, Basement, New York, NY, 10002 (it's the blue door to the right of the bus station).  We bring you in in small groups, with the people you came with, so if there’s a crowd, you might have to wait on the street for a little bit. Please do not bring backpacks, luggage, or large bags; space is limited within the venue. Also, we suggest you dress in something in which you'll feel comfortable moving around. We start at 7 pm, so don’t be late.


Second, if you have any concerns about moving through tight spaces, or if you have difficulty with dark spaces, please let us know in advance by emailing us at


That’s all you need to know.  However, if you want to be prepared for the experience, read on.


This is not a play; we’re not going to present the narrative. Nor is it an escape room, where you’re trying to solve the problems as fast as you possibly can. And it isn’t a murder mystery either, where you’re trying to discover what happens.


This story is about you, and your decisions. This is an opportunity to be the main character in a tale about ordinary people in an extraordinary situation. Your decisions will determine how it ends.  Going in, you’re playing people who lost loved ones in an illegal medical experiment, and are looking for answers. But soon after you arrive, things will change, and you’ll find yourself in an encounter with death. We’ve found the best way to enjoy The Mortality Machine is to focus on the emotional connections you can make with the other people present in the space. After all, this story is about all of you, together.

It's an important point, so we'll repeat it: we recommend you focus on making emotional connections with other people


A small spoiler: it’s possible for every character to die at the end of The Mortality Machine. It’s also possible for every character to live. What happens depends entirely on your choices. At the end of the experience, we will provide you with a link that will answer some questions about “what’s happened?” so that you can focus on acting in the moment.


We do have a few things for you to review, if you like.  Please look over the safety guidelines that we’ll review before the experience. We also have materials you might enjoy to introduce you to the world of The Mortality Machine. These are entirely optional, as you will be able to discover everything during the experience.


Finally, there’s a karaoke bar above the venue. It’s usually one of the least packed establishments in the area, so we encourage you to go upstairs after the event, and meet the other participants. Often, members of the cast and crew will go there afterwards, as well.  We’ve found it’s a good way to unpack the experience.


Remember, be bold… you can’t make a mistake or mess anything up. Be vulnerable… let the events that occur move you. And most of all, make this story about you.

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